Those NASA rockets going up

3:00 “-When we were kinds, we saw the close-up shot of those NASA rockets going up, the country coming together-”

I was going to try and lay off the politics and get back into the original mission of this blog but…I cannot seem to do that when the space age is being referred to in this manner.

Whose country is this? The aging white males with no education, a low-paying job, and no hope of living the life their parents did are going to burn it all down out of sheer frustration and rage. It is true. And why is this? Greed. The homeowning 40 hour a week citizen with job security, medical care that will not bankrupt them, with one breadwinner and one homemaker…that seems gone forever. Wealth has been transferred upward from the middle class to the wealthy since the Reagan Revolution and now it is all about to melt down.

My aging white male poorly educated coworkers have been so propagandized they are now living in an alternate universe.

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