He taught us we are driven by unseen forces and that lesson is still refused.

Steven Pinker argues that critics have been overly swayed by politics and a fear of biological determinism,[a] accusing among others Stephen Jay Gould and Richard Lewontin of being “radical scientists”, whose stance on human nature is influenced by politics rather than science,[26] while Lewontin, Steven Rose and Leon Kamin, who drew a distinction between the politics and history of an idea and its scientific validity,[27] argue that sociobiology fails on scientific grounds. Gould grouped sociobiology with eugenics, criticizing both in his book The Mismeasure of Man.[28]

Noam Chomsky has expressed views on sociobiology on several occasions. During a 1976 meeting of the Sociobiology Study Group, as reported by Ullica Segerstr√•le, Chomsky argued for the importance of a sociobiologically informed notion of human nature.[29] Chomsky argued that human beings are biological organisms and ought to be studied as such, with his criticism of the “blank slate” doctrine in the social sciences (which would inspire a great deal of Steven Pinker’s and others’ work in evolutionary psychology), in his 1975 Reflections on Language.[30]

Interesting to sort out where Mammon supernaturally enters into this argument. I say this as lately I am more and more convinced that greed is the force that drives all things now in the modern world. There is nothing left but greed, which is really just what passes for faith when money is the god of planet Earth.

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