The Devil Is A Liar

Time to play the Nazi card: Hitler failed the first time but eventually took power. It is the evil genius that might pull Trump’s strings that we have to worry about. The only thing that saved America was Trumpist stupidity. If they get someone with some brains calling the shots then America is over.

I talk to my conservative coworkers and they don’t understand the most basic premise of democracy; that those in authority are elected to serve a nation of individuals who are all equal under the law. This is why the history books use the example of “The World Turned Upside Down” when explaining the American Revolution. I try to get them to think about the opposite of those in authority elected to serve a nation of individuals who are all equal under the law and after decades of Neoliberal programming they are incapable of wrapping their heads around it. The simple reason democracy is under attack is a very few who want all others beneath them and NOT equal under THEIR law. Taxes are “theft” and greed IS “freedom.” Simple and transparent yet it has become the dirty secret few will openly talk about. There are the many who are willing to lie about it though.

They are purging democrats and so of course they are going to try and reject the election results. It is transparent and so obvious.

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