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Neoliberalism is best defined as Oligarchs with obscene wealth running the world….and eventually destroying it. It is only a fluke that two such exalted beings, Musk and Bezos, are hobbyists with rockets as their toy of choice. See how that works? While the NewSpace fans think this is working as a path to the future, it is actually not. It is a dead end.

In the pre-industrial world a lack of technology placed a limit on greed and restricted the damage that could be done by warring aristocrats- but that great filter in the Fermi Paradox has become quite obvious in the 21st century. A representative democracy is about a separation of powers keeping absolute greed in check. Following utilitarian principles the greatest good for the greatest number is the unchanging goal and progressive taxation the primary instrument.

The only real obstacle is what is decided by committee being corrupted by special interests that distract and divert for individual gain. This has always been the single great sin likely to doom humankind and result in extinction. There is a path, found using the scientific method, that leads to our species expanding into the cosmos and avoiding extinction. That path is NOT “entrepreneurs” and the profit motive.

A state sponsored long-term program of Super Heavy Lift Vehicles (SHLV’s) is the first prerequisite, and we do not have that yet. It is not another bunch of tin cans that is needed- it is a building block that can be mass produced to enable hundreds and eventually thousands of humans in space as a first step. The fundamental building block will have to provide the minimum interior volume to meet psychological needs for multi-year missions, incorporate a massive cosmic ray water shield, and have the structural strength to be spun using a tether generated artificial gravity system.

Very large double-hulled wet workshops (“Fat Workshops”), lofted with SHLV’s for the next 30 years, providing crew compartments for true space stations, Lunar Cyclers, and spaceships, are what is needed.

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