Redistribution of Wealth is Key

Everything Evil is creeping into the Chaos that is Trumpism

Everything we are seeing cause division and conflict in our society can be traced back to one issue. It is about…taxes. How much must be paid? Everyone wants to be rich, to be the richest, to be the king of the world. The communists saw all money as a function of property, of land and what was on the land. The fascists saw all money as an adjunct function of race, of the people living on the land. The capitalist simply sees money and what new money can be created from what exists. The Neoliberal however, not only sees money as the god of this world, but believes it is the only and absolute god. There is no other concern, not truth, not justice, not human life; nothing has any meaning except wealth. And anything is allowed in pursuit of wealth. Nothing is forbidden.

Existence can be framed with perhaps three questions that need to be answered. Can we defeat death? Can we defeat our own animal instincts? And can we determine an equitable tax rate? The third seems mundane and too practical compared to the first two but in truth the issue being determined is most ancient and weighty as it is really the concept of sacrifice being addressed. Our lives are made up of discrete and finite moments and each can be assigned a dollar value in terms of what kind of world we live in. We sacrifice those moments, we sacrifice our lives, in pursuit of our bread and happiness by way of that magic called money and this balance can be for many a hell on Earth. In a Neoliberal paradise where the rich live in gated communities and the poor starve and die in the gutter, money is indeed a god-like power gifting any who wield it with a comparative heaven.

In a representative democracy using imbedded liberalism as the operating economic principle it is not money that matters most, it is how much of it you get to keep. And in a functioning democracy the tax rate is decided by the people. I have never failed to inspired shock and outrage in conservatives by informing them the only reason they have anything is because the rest of us let them have it. In a society featuring extreme inequality democracy is an impossibility because those living in poverty would vote to redistribute the excessive wealth of the few to the benefit of the many. If these words are disturbing to most people it is because the majority in America now live as brain-washed consumers, essentially wage slaves, with mountains of debt.

The Fascists are creeping in to cause chaos and bring about the race war they have dreamed about for generations. The rich will find themselves in the same situation the one percent of Germans did that went along with it…they will be eaten as well.

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