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It is not fake news, not “fluff.” What the Musk Cult has been flooding the internet with for a decade is far worse than any so-called fluff. It needs to end. Even Putin congratulated Joe so that is over and this rabid fanboy excoriation of anything critical of Spacex has to stop. If it was occasional it would be one thing but it is automatic and endless and is cult members brainwashing each other in an endless loop. Just like Fox news has done to a certain segment of the public for a decade.

“I was happy to chat with them,” he said. “But I’m not going to speculate on what they may or may not do.”

Be great if Biden disbanded Space Force on the 21st and reformed it on the 22nd as the Space Corps. This would remove the taint of who signed them into existence. They really need to completely divorce their organization from the failed coup attempt.

And…they need a mission that puts their members in harms way if they want to enjoy the privileges and prestige of a military service. They risk nothing and get all of the benefits and that was the draft-dodger and chief spitting on the military he called suckers and losers.

Reply: Unfortunately it is connected by name and origin and that is easily remedied by simply turning it off and then back on with a new name and originator. See how that works?

And I have to add that “paying for itself multiple times over” is not what serving as a member of the Armed Forces of The United States of America is about. People might “fight hard over money” but that is not why we fight.

(Astra rocket) It’s utility for a terrorist or anyone to do massive mischief is close to 100%.

Minuteman does not put things in orbit. It is not only a missile, it is a launch vehicle capable of dropping a payload anywhere on Earth or use as a anti-satellite weapon- and should not be in the hands of these proliferating small private companies. Period. And calling me a nut case adds you to the block list. Bye.

It blew up in a way that an escape tower never would. Which is why I made my original comment. The Starliner is marginally better because the hypergolics are not wrapped around the crew compartment and the system can be jettisoned.

But there is likely no good substitute for a tower- it is a nearly perfect design in terms of crew safety. The Starliner and Crew Dragon are a poor compromise that sacrifices crew safety. They hated throwing away those expensive towers and went with something that would make them more money. Bad choice, bad design.

They could have went with a tower that could be recovered and reused but the temptation to make that system do something to maximize profit was too great.

It is really the same logic chain that led to no escape system at all on the Shuttle.

I read some of it but…it became obvious about halfway through he was biased. He talked about how solid rocket motors would not be good docked to the ISS and that was a tell… towers get jettisoned before orbit and he knows that. I just cannot waste my time with that.

Also: “The abort motors have to be powerful enough to pull the vehicle away from a failing rocket as quickly as possible. These systems can pull up to 15G’s of acceleration for a few seconds. Now I’m not saying that sounds like fun…. But…. yeah that actually sounds awful, like being hit by a semi truck for a few seconds continually… yeah, no thanks!”

This has always been a standard fanboy criticism and it is total B.S. and borders on Orwellian: you absolutely positively WANT as much acceleration as the human body can tolerate to escape a disintegrating stack. And the hypergolic systems fall far short of that mark while the tower gets close to it. Thanks for the polite discussion.

It actually does work that way. Just like the electoral college…I elect not to accept your false reality that I have to be accountable to you. The reality, like Biden being the president-elect, is that I am here to express my views. Not promote SpaceX. Sorry.

Over the years the SpaceX crowd has climbed up on this imaginary moral high ground and it is a sad fantasy. The ideology is toxic and based on libertarian B.S.

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