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Using that particular set of guidelines LEO would be considered that low-radiation domain a couple hundred miles up where platforms can go in circles for years before being dragged down by what is left of the atmosphere at that altitude. Around a hundred miles up is where Apollo would do an orbit before going to the Moon.

Between LEO and GEO is broadly “Earth Orbit” and it is GEO where “Human Space Flight” (HSF)- or dipping below that 22,000 mile high domain- would be “Beyond Low Earth Orbit” (BLEO) or HSF-BLEO.

Cislunar space is “Beyond Earth Orbit” or BEO. So Human Space Flight in the vicinity of the Earth and Moon is HSF-BEO. And it follows that leaving our “Cislunar Sea” for the outer solar system, or “outer space”, would be “Beyond Earth and Lunar Orbit” or BELO.

Besides 1) Earth Orbit and the classifications of 2) LEO, 3) GEO, 4) BLEO, 5) BEO, and 6) BELO, there are the frozen lunar orbits, or, “Low Lunar Orbit” (LLO). In addition there is “Near-Rectilinear Halo Orbit” (NRHO) proposed for the Gateway. And there are also various Lunar Cycler orbits that go around the Earth and the Moon. That might eventually be called…”Earth Moon Cycler Orbit” (EMCO).

4 billion a year for research on Earth and we would have a cure for old age, or at least a way to freeze people without damage till they could be cured. Criminal to pour those billions into that hole in orbit. Nothing of consequence has come back down in close to half a century of LEO platforms. They are an incredible waste.

They should put an escape tower on top and use this stripped model for crew dragon instead of that draco-bomb which never should have been allowed to carry people. When it blew up the first time the great one should have learned his lesson and went with an escape tower instead of going cheap on crew safety.
There is no cheap.

Starliner does not have a very good escape system either but it is marginally better than the Crew Dragon because it is a little farther from the crew and can at least be jettisoned.

And that…tells anyone anything they want to know about the outgoing administration. Goodbye and good riddance to all of them. Except for Bridenstine, who is the only one that should stay. I wish he would reconsider:

“The major sticking point in agreeing to a final bill for the past several months has been language in both the House and Senate versions that requires DOD to rename military installations that honor Confederate soldiers. President Trump vowed to veto the bill if any such language was included, but the Senate version remains. It gives DOD three years to implement the binding recommendations of a commission that will be established to look into the matter. The House bill required the renaming to be done in one year.”

“The Kármán line is an attempt to define a boundary between Earth’s atmosphere and outer space.[2]”

“Other organizations do not use this definition. For instance, the US Air Force and NASA define the limit to be 50 miles (80 km) above sea level.[3] There is no international law defining the edge of space, and therefore the limit of national airspace.[3]”

Can’t even orbit at 50 miles. “Actually”, as usual, you are making stuff up.

As I stated, calling LEO “space” is a marketing ploy, and is not accurate.

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