Trump is out…Thank God, Now the Rest

It was shocking to me and many others how many voted for Trump. This means 4 years from now will be the most dangerous election in U.S. history. Trump was incompetent and incapable of really converting the government into a dictatorship. The next time we will not be so lucky.

I was extremely depressed when they taped this…we just were not sure if he would win or not.

Interesting how this is being framed in terms of race and communism. The reality is those with white grievance and those in minority groups don’t realize they are on the same side and it is the one percent who have everything they want redistributed. So the entire issue is a concealed inequality that is kept misunderstood and misrepresented by monied interests. The truth is exactly what Trumpism works to destroy first of all as the primary tactic.

I strongly believe the way forward is to explain it to the public; start with what Imbedded Liberalism and Neoliberalism are.

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