Manipulating the F-Scale

It seems there is a personality type the fascists seek to radicalize because they are fairly sure to succeed. Trump, perhaps because he is somewhere on the sociopath scale, knows how to manipulate this percentage of the population who are vulnerable. With about 30 percent said to be supporting Trumpism, Plato’s assertion that democracy cannot work may have some validity. Disenfranchising one out of three voters because they are gullible and cannot think critically does not seem very Democratic.

However…just as Imbedded Liberalism has elements of two adversarial systems- socialism and capitalism- it may be that only qualifying the non-psychopathological part of the population to vote is the best solution. We weaponized IQ tests for war…why not optimize personality evaluations for voting?

We have challenges ahead of us…and Trump is not going to succeed in meeting them.

Published by billgamesh

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