Cannot Sleep

I was not able to sleep and had to call out from work. No way I can pull a thirteen hour all-nighter at my age with zero sleep. I am exhausted and I have no idea what is going on. Perhaps it is cumulative stress… even though I have not been to work in over a week. Is this thing with Trump putting his Nazi friends on standby really driving me this nuts? When I was ready crew on the helicopters I would have nights I could not sleep because I had a premonition something was going to happen but I was much younger then. Sometimes something would happen but not very often. It was just a trick my mind was playing on me. I have been sleeping so well the last ten years or so I thought that misery was behind me but I had trouble a couple days ago and now today. Here I am an old man and it is happening again. Perhaps I just lost control of my hours and have been staying up too late in the morning and that is all there is to it. My plan is to drink some coffee and stay up till after midnight and then take a sleeping pill and hopefully I will lay in bed till nine or ten and that will get me through tomorrow night at work.

In the meantime I have to stay awake or I will be in the same situation tomorrow as I am right now. I posted my thoughts on the Nuclear Thermal Rocket article so I guess I will take a look at some of the popular space sites I have ignored and see what is going on.

Well, I dropped an email to Ms. Koren. See if she sends me a reply. What else?

Shameless absolute greed- making millions off sick people

This is what America has come to… tripling the price of a cancer drug for a bigger bonus.

Trump has the virus. This time my premonition came true.

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