For Those Who Root Quietly For Me To Fail

Michael is talking pure Anti-Trumpism by speaking the truth. God, I pray for the Green New Deal and an end to this crazy clown circus administration. This explains a good deal of white grievance.

This is what fascism looks like- the strongman leader glorifying the police putting down peaceful protests and his cult cheering him on.

I was speaking with a coworker last night and he agreed any explanation of FT’s (forever trumpers) has to involve extraterrestrials.

I could not “fathom” it till I finally used my O Negative blood psychic faculties and received information subliminally from the creatures manipulating us. My coworker agreed with me on this: there are super-intelligent beings living in the subsurface oceans of the icy bodies in our solar system. Long ago one species realized the radioactive heating taking place in the rocky core of their moon would eventually fade and they would die- so they formed a plan. They looked to other icy bodies and found candidates tidally heated that do not depend so much on radioactivity and decided relocating to one of these more long-lived oceans would save them. The problem was they cannot build spaceships in their environment. They used cryo-volcano cannon to eject micro-organisms on a precise trajectory to Earth. These organisms were designed to genetically engineer primates for greater intelligence and subconsciously influence them. Eventually these primates would build the spaceships the moon dwellers needed.

But at least one of the tidally heated moons was already inhabited by a different race and these other beings, detecting the threat, sent their own micro-organisms to Earth to foil the radioactively heated moon dwellers plan for conquest. And so our minds are being subtly programmed by one or the other of these species. Forever Trumpers are infected with one micro-organism while Progressive Democrats are being driven by the other entities. This is why FT’s and LeftT’s are at odds. The conflict has raged for several centuries but was always building to this, for millennia.

It is the only explanation that makes any sense.

“Trump is secretly battling a global network of billionaire pedophiles, devil-worshipping Democrats and baby-eating Hollywood stars and their “deep state” counterparts embedded in the U.S. federal government’s sprawling bureaucracy.”

“QAnon’s messaging is laced with religious allegory, prophesies, puzzle-solving and an emboldening sense of belonging to the right side of an epic battle of good versus evil.”

“What began in 2017 as a political conspiracy theory has since morphed into a meta-conspiracy movement that in sum aims to account for much of the evil in the world, sweetened by the promise of evil’s swift demise with “The Storm” — the perpetually imminent arrest of tens of thousands of “enemy” Americans — and “The Great Awakening” — the subsequent, Rapture-like new beginning for the world where believers’ faith is recognized and rewarded.”

My own version of this has for years been how to freeze a human being without damage. A Japanese company, Cells Alive, has a machine that can prevent damage by inhibiting ice formation during freezing- and my theory has always been this technology can be used to freeze people without damage thus allowing them to be successfully revived years or even decades later. I would like to think such technology would never be kept a secret but I suppose it is possible. Everything would change. And it would start with some animal, like “Benny”, being revived in a lab, maybe tomorrow:

No need to watch more after 1:45, unless Cruz-Cruise romance is your thing

So… “The Storm” would be what I call “The Great Rescue” as millions and possibly billions are frozen to avoid imminent death and placed in storage. This would subsequently generate “The Great Race” as finding a process to reverse aging is organized and initiated using a majority of the scientific resources of the entire human race. Such a process must be found before storing so many billion frozen bodies becomes impossible. And upon perfecting this process would come “The Great Awakening.” Once all begin to be revived we would move on to star travel as “Sleeper Ships” carrying frozen-again colonists embark on centuries-long voyages to other solar systems.

All it takes is throwing enough money at the freezing technology. For some reason we are not doing this. Could it be that when I use the word “we” there is actually no such collective entity- and only self-interested sociopathic billionaires driving “us” to extinction? Ayn Rand did not approve this message.

“Every passing minute is a chance to turn it all around.”

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