Super-Cooling and Salvation

The only mechanism that keeps humans from being frozen and thawed out decades later when a cure for their illness or a technique to reverse aging is available is ice. Ice crystals forming disrupt cells and cause profound micro-damage to multi-cellular organisms. If we could freeze people without ice crystals forming then when we warmed them up and re-started their hearts they would have experienced “suspended animation.” And the world and everything we know would suddenly change. Everything.

In the 1997 movie Abre los ojos (open your eyes) and the remake Vanilla Sky, a TV commercial plays giving a clue to the plot. The commercial is for a cryopreservation company that freezes people with a process that allows the person to be reanimated without damage. A dog is given as the famous example. And on that day, if a lab animal is actually brought back to life from a frozen state, a new age will begin. It will be in truth a new beginning for humankind, a new state of being. Because the possibility of having an indefinite life-span will suddenly became more than just a possibility. It will become the single most important and common collective project in history.

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