46 Days and the New American Holocaust

I talked to a coworker who I thought was one of the more critical thinkers and might finally be crossing the line and becoming a NT (never-trumper). I asked him if he was going to to the polls with me on election night and he said I would be disappointed who he is voting for. I asked him if it was for the guy who called us “losers and suckers” (we are both veterans). He immediately responded “That’s a lie.” I said, “No it’s not.” He said, “Yes it is.” I said, “No it’s not.” And I walked away in disgust. I am going to need a drink on election night either way it goes. More than one. And I don’t drink.

I would say he is going to lose due to the simple fact there are likely about a hundred million people in America who are completely mystified at our fellow citizens who support Trump. We are all confused and afraid and are all going to vote. I am not alone in just not getting how the FTs (forever-trumpers) can continue to support someone who has so egregiously disgraced the office of the president. What spell has been cast? Notice I did not say what spell has “he” cast because it is obvious he is not smart enough to be classified as some kind of magical intellect.

It has become truly Orwellian: the truth is a lie. The one network the FT’s think is not fake news is actually…fake news. The people who are telling the truth are the “enemy of the people” while our leaders are lying about almost everything.

Trumpism has become the most serious domestic threat to democracy in U.S. history.

All those lawyers resigned because it compromised their integrity. Huge red flag. But it becomes a little red dot in a crowd of lies and corruption all wearing MAGA hats. No response from the administration concerning Russian interference. You can see Strzok visibly shaky when he states Trump is compromised- he is scared. As he should be. Trumpism is all about fear and vindictive bullying.

6:20 If it “washes over” the country at least a million people will die, but it will probably be far more, as Rachel says in the clip above. Crazy and crazier every day. I cannot believe this is happening. 6 million dead? It is like a new American holocaust- getting rid of the useless eaters. The elderly, people with pre-existing conditions, and minorities are the main victims. Creepy.

“You’ll develop like a herd mentality.” Crazy. I see that same pompous arrogance on Atlas’s face- just like Pompeo and the Fox talking heads. Crazy.

“Maybe it’s a good thing; I don’t have to shake hands with these disgusting people.”

So…because she kept her mouth shut that means now she is not credible. Riiight.

The Wizard of OZ

Why not throw in a word on political extremism from a conservative favorite?

Typical scams the unions are always blamed for: giving 300 million to a vendor providing telemarketing and marketing when it should be 150 and paying twice as much for “widgets” like NRA hats pins. Pouring gas on the fire…gun owners don’t have a problem with background checks but the NRA considers it blasphemy because they pander to their lunatic fringe. All smoke and mirrors; no well-oiled lobbying machine. Just stuff like a 6 million dollar house for Wayne. And…Joe Biden and the black helicopters are going to take your guns.

15:25 “Folks have bought into this Wizard of Oz- What they miss is the fact that of a hundred million guns owners in this country 96 percent of them are in favor of passing a more substantial background check law. What they end up doing is pandering to this extreme fringe of things.”

God (the prosperity gospel) guns and guts… and the meritocracy is not what it seems.

“-the rich, and the richest kids, win the meritocratic competition, and everybody else loses.” There are two ways to look at it:

  1. It is not good to make social policy based on exceptional cases. A fair society has ordinary people doing well in ordinary circumstances. This is not happening.
  2. When meritocracy was practiced in the early and mid-20th century it worked- and those people who succeeded trained their children really hard.

Princeton tax subsidies work out to about 100,000 dollars per year per student.

Rutgers, not an Ivy League College, works out to about 12,500 dollars per year.

Essex County Community College gets about 2500 dollars.

Taxi Drivers used to make a middle class living, now it is a “impoverished job.”

Inequality in education drives the transformation of work into bipolar elite and impoverished occupations. This explains the feedback loop making Neoliberalism the dominant ideology in this planet.

“The system that we have will not get undone unless we can persuade the elites it is not working for them either.”

It is likely the last argument is going to be the guillotine.

17:50 I finally figured out why the FT’s are so brainwashed.

Thank you Professor Markovits.

In conclusion:

College educated liberals were not being offshored and suffering stagnant wages from the Reagan Revolution of the 80’s on so they went along with it, thinking it would all work out. It did not. Not until around 2010 did a few democrats start standing up and blatantly stating what was going on was wrong. “Let’s at least get back to what we were doing in 1976.”

“Talk to me November 4th and I will either be a hopeful American or some new stage of hopelessness I have never experienced.”

I will likely have a hangover November 4th.

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