66 Days and a freaky Friday

I have the feeling this is going to be one of those days. Not quite 0700 where I live and I am not optimistic about today…and tonight.

It is very likely that some of these people are going to die because they sat there for hours for their cult leader. If Biden shuts down the economy again it will save thousands of lives- Trump is lying saying more will die because of it.

Of course he is lying, that is what he does.

China wants Biden to win because Trump is unpredictable while Russia, who is not a big trading partner, wants Trump because he is so damaging to America. Obvious.

200,000 dead weeks ago but the official toll will pass that in a couple weeks- and nothing is going to change that. How many dead when a vaccine is being deployed and this nightmare begins to end? A quarter million will have died and most of them because of Trumps inaction.


I knew I should have moved to Portland years ago. I wish I was there tonight.

Most recent YouTube comment: “48 police killed by felons is a fatality rate of about 1 in 17,000 per year. They are far behind the top ten most dangerous professions which are Loggers, Fishermen, Aircrew, Roofers, Sanitation, Steelworkers, Commercial drivers, Farmers/Ranchers, Construction site supervisors, and Groundskeepers. https://www.themarlincompany.com/blog-articles/dangerous-jobs-2019/ Though I don’t have a number, I read somewhere it is actually more dangerous being a convenience store clerk than a police officer. Definitely not what the public has been conditioned to believe by the media and entertainment industry. They can stand a little defunding- and with so many billionaires like Bezos- the richest man in the history of the human race- we actually can afford M4A, a living wage, and school loan forgiveness and free college, and a Green New Deal. Truth.”

Really good read by Joy- so true. Thanks so much.

If “everybody is going to get it” then a couple million people are going to die. Really. They don’t need to die. It is all about money and the Trump cult. The 1 percent in their mansions are not the ones that are going to have their lives cut short- millions of others would be the ones who die.


If anybody is burning the flag it is the ones carrying the stars and bars and that thing with a blue line. Tight as a duck’s ass, protest this in your ass.

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