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Well…my garage door opener is talking to me again. When it malfunctions I have come to believe God is telling me I am doing something wrong. It has become a kind of oracle to me. When there is some decision pending or drama going on I let the garage door decide. Crazy, right? Not really. Very human. Today it worked perfectly and that meant my inclination to let go of some emotional baggage instead of heading out the door with it is how to proceed. I feel better. And…I have a couple days off.

My neighbor is flying one of those blue green orange stripe not-a-U.S. flag and it is disturbing. I don’t like it. But if I was to go and tell him “that is not the U.S. flag” he would get very upset. America is in trouble. Same if I went and told the people across the street their motorcycles with no mufflers are absolutely loud and unacceptable. Their outlaw-motorcycle-gang-I-am-merica attitude would not tolerate that and I would have an even more serious problem than those damn things sitting there “warming up” at all hours. Same as if I told my neighbor in the opposite backyard their truly gigantic and always angry attack dog barks at me and mine over the fence whenever we show ourselves- and I actually have a handgun in a kitchen cabinet in case that monster jumps the fence. They would doubtless tell me attack breeds are misunderstood and theirs is not really mean, just a good watchdog. Right. My community is mostly conservative in this military midwest town and 400 horsepower pickup trucks and Trump stickers are common. Most of my coworkers own AR-15s or Kalashnikovs or some flavor of military weaponry.

Everything that is wrong with America. But they mostly think climate change is a hoax and the rich are on their side- and they are everything “right” about America. They certainly are “on the right” and likely believe everything said on the Fox News white power hour.

My comment from YouTube: “Doctors, lawyers, scientists, and engineers are the four “legs” of civilization and are the intelligent and hard working upper percentage of the IQ range. Most of us, the “average people” (no shame in admitting you are not a rocket scientist), are simply not capable of performing at their level. If academia had not been corrupted into the scam it is then the smartest and most driven among us would have credentials that we trust and this would be the qualifier for public office. That said, they are imperfect human beings exactly like the rest of us. Many of them are real creeps (and highly visible), while some of them are great people while the rest are some of both. In a democracy, the trick is the average citizen like me being able to think critically and pick the best representative. See how that is supposed to work? The mortal enemy of America right now is propaganda and straight up lies being almost all the citizenry have to work with.”

Podcast: Ben Collins and Brandy Zadrozny explain QAnon

And…watch out for these nuts.


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