86 Days

I somehow missed another day in the election countdown. Oh well.

“He’s gonna double and triple your taxes- because he’s following The Radical Left Agenda- take away your guns…no religion, no anything, hurt the bible, hurt God, He’s against God. He’s against God, he’s against guns, he’s against energy- our kind of energy.” Donald J. Trump

(double and triple your taxes) Not much chance of that happening anytime soon; give a progressively driven congress and senate some time though. The tax rate on the top earners was 91 percent and that was really what made America great.

(take away your guns) The second amendment is about a “A well regulated Militia.”

In the 1700’s avoiding conscription was one of the reasons people came to America. To avoid having to maintain a large standing Army it was desirable for civilians in the colonies to have their own single shot muskets as this was the single common principal weapon used by all nations. No AR-15’s that could kill a hundred people a minute in 1776. The argument can be made that limiting weapons ownership would open the door to a large standing army and so it can be argued the right of the people to preclude Hessians and mercenaries and conscription with Militias was not to be infringed. 

  1. prevent from happening; make impossible.

Oxford English Dictionary: Militia“a military force that is raised from the civil population to supplement a regular army in an emergency.” 

  • a military force that engages in rebel or terrorist activities in opposition to a regular army.
    • all able-bodied civilians eligible by law for military service.”

      To join the… You must:
      Air Force
      • Be between the ages of 17-39
      • Have no more than two dependents.
      • Pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude test. (Minimum AFQT Score: 36)
      • Be between the ages of 17-35
      • Have no more than two dependents.
      • Pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude test. (Minimum AFQT Score: 31)
      Coast Guard
      • Be between the ages of 17- 27
      • Have no more than two dependents.
      • Pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test. (Minimum AFQT Score: 40)
      • Have a willingness to serve on or around the water.
      • Meet exacting physical, mental, and moral standards.
      • Be between the ages of 17-28
      • Pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test. (Minimum AFQT Score: 32)
      • Women are eligible to enlist in all occupational exception of combat arms specialties: infantry, tank and amphibian tractor crew.
      • Be between the ages of 17-34
      • Pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test. (Minimum AFQT Score: 35)
        • Women are eligible to enlist in all occupational fields, with the exception of serving in the Navy Seals or on submarines.

      The National Guard and Reserve components are actually the Militia and they have local armories where weapons are stored. 

      (no religion) Separation of Church and State

      “The phrase “separation of church and state” is derived from a letter written by President Thomas Jefferson in 1802 to Baptists from Danbury, Connecticut, and published in a Massachusetts newspaper soon thereafter.”

      “The phrase was also mentioned in an eloquent letter written by President John Tyler on July 10, 1843.[100] During the 1960 presidential campaign the potential influence of the Catholic Church on John F. Kennedy’s presidency was raised. If elected, it would be the first time that a Catholic would occupy the highest office in the United States. John F. Kennedy, in his Address to the Greater Houston Ministerial Association on 12 September 1960, addressed the question directly, saying,

      I believe in an America where the separation of church and state is absolute – where no Catholic prelate would tell the President (should he be Catholic) how to act, and no Protestant minister would tell his parishioners for whom to vote – where no church or church school is granted any public funds or political preference – and where no man is denied public office merely because his religion differs from the President who might appoint him or the people who might elect him. I believe in an America that is officially neither Catholic, Protestant nor Jewish – where no public official either requests or accepts instructions on public policy from the Pope, the National Council of Churches or any other ecclesiastical source – where no religious body seeks to impose its will directly or indirectly upon the general populace or the public acts of its officials – and where religious liberty is so indivisible that an act against one church is treated as an act against all. […] I do not speak for my church on public matters – and the church does not speak for me. Whatever issue may come before me as President – on birth control, divorce, censorship, gambling or any other subject – I will make my decision in accordance with these views, in accordance with what my conscience tells me to be the national interest, and without regard to outside religious pressures or dictates. And no power or threat of punishment could cause me to decide otherwise. But if the time should ever come – and I do not concede any conflict to be even remotely possible – when my office would require me to either violate my conscience or violate the national interest, then I would resign the office; and I hope any conscientious public servant would do the same.

      Joe Biden is a devout Catholic. Donald Trump is not known for living the Christian life.

As for Joe being against “our kind of energy” that is Trump self-identifying as a climate change denier. The republicans have fought tooth and nail against any action to mitigate climate change because they have been paid to do that by the fossil fuel industry. Greed, corruption, and Anti-science. Not even mentioning the virus. That is a whole other story.

Trump is said to be working directly against what is good for America. And several of my coworkers now scare me because they are so deep into this cult they continue to talk openly about violence in connection with a “rigged election.” 86 days to go.

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