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Almost 800 views and now the comments are arriving. The mockers and trolls sitting in mommy’s basement seem to have found something they can giggle and pee their pants about. Disgusting. I thought the spacex muskrats were bad…these guys are like a whole other legion. 

All of these master race super-warriors and professional assassins seem to have a bug up their arse about anyone having an original idea or trying something new. For those actually interested and not trolling I have put hundreds of rounds (a couple hundred anyway) through this gun over the last couple years developing it and it works. It is different and will be difficult to get on target very fast at first and never quite as fast as shouldering and looking straight down the barrel. But that is one of the trade-offs.

This setup is designed to allow sighting of a PGO shotgun, which is the main drawback of this type of weapon. It solves a problem and the basement trolls slapping their knees and guffawing at it have the collective imagination of a brick. Since this is now out there, I will add a couple of more detailed techniques to ensure proper use later today after I get some pictures-to-illustrate taken.


And here they are:

sight picture 4
A much cleaner sight picture after removing the mounting knob on top of the sight and the ring on the rail below.
sight picture3
Keeping the V of the thumb and index finger and wrist properly aligned will prevent a sore thumb and help direct the weapon in a straight line alongside and clear of the shooters face. Be warned the clearance between the weapon and the shooter’s face is “minimal” during recoil and large hearing protectors will get knocked off your head. Beware of shooting glasses possibly being clipped also. I use earplugs and directly “face” the target and this keeps my glasses clear. The minimal clearance is one of the trade-offs and caution must be exercised. My previous prototypes were close to 3 inches between bore and reticle but this one is as close as practical.
sight picture2
This is where the dot belongs when firing and the target would be slightly to the right in the window. How far to correct to the right depends on the range as the weapon is laser bore-sighted in a straight line with the dot set a few inches to the left. At longer range those few inches- 2.63 center bore to center reticle for this sight and mount- bring the target closer to the dot. The trick is scale, keeping in mind what that almost 3 inches represents in the sight picture at any given range. It sounds difficult but after much trial and error in my opinion this arrangement is effective and the least trouble. One drawback is the sight seems more vulnerable to damage mounted on the side and the glass in this one is cracked from being dropped once. But after shooting a couple boxes it is still working.

In conclusion, a Pistol Grip Only (PGO) shotgun is more compact than a stocked weapon, making it easier to store in and deploy from a vehicle (why the police originally used it) and is more maneuverable in confined spaces. It also does not punish the shooter anywhere near what a stocked shotgun does. The hard plastic grip provided with many off-the-shelf cruisers does hurt the hand and a soft rubber after-market grip like the Hogue Tamer solves that problem. The main problem is aiming it. An offset sight is a trade-off as it adds complexity and due to the sight sticking out from the side of the barrel is not quite as easy to store. The “bazooka” position is also a quite different technique compared to “shouldering” and aiming requires an unorthodox offset sight picture. In my view the pros outweigh the cons.

As for the toxic comments, what a bunch of creeps you are.

10 July 2020

Over a thousand views and the crazy hate mail I received kind of rattled me, so I took these posts down yesterday. I felt bad though for those genuinely interested so I have reposted this one for a little while and will then probably take it down again. The original post that details the concept is not going back up.

20 November 2022

I put the “Joe Biden Shotgun” post back up and it has a couple more pictures. 

“The Joe Biden Shotgun…is back” post has more info.

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