The Phone Call From QAnon

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wiki: An ocean-recovered pressure-fed/tap-off booster and land-back 2nd stage engine module (expending the tank) would make this configuration unbeatable)

I received a phone call last week concerning my job performance, which had been suffering due to overwork and a work related disease, and it was not good news. I am now faced with a big change in my life. After planning on continuing to work for another 10 years till I was close to or even 70 it does not appear I will be able to continue in my present field. Unless some miraculous cure occurs and the damage already done can somehow be reversed. I can hope. For now it looks like I will be going down the workers compensation road until I can find my way into a new arena. Many are in my shoes.


I have also had second thoughts about many of the blog posts I have made and removed them, and will probably remove several more. The reason for removing them is it might be time to try and “get a side-gig going” on the internet. All my material will have to be of a much higher quality for that to work. I am not a rocket scientist but seeing the trash other people are generating revenue with I think I can give them some competition. For close to two decades I listened to the famous conspiracy radio show Coast to Coast AM and if the clowns that were guests there can make money then I certainly can. Hopefully without making up ridiculous X marks the spot in Roswell NM lies about the universe we live in. I am certain I can be the news now and everyone will enjoy the show.

While I have never had the bug to write the huge amounts it takes to make a living at it the work does interest me and I have no other usable skill sets. I cannot turn wrenches on airplanes hour after hour like I could in my 20’s and 30’s and neither can I pound the pavement and keep the late hours I did as an investigator. My executive protection experience was limited and there are so many ex-operator types doing that I will get no phone calls there. Essentially I am looking at some hard times ahead. And I am not getting any younger. I guess I will just have to trust the plan I am now formulating and stick to it. If I believe nothing can stop what is coming then perhaps people will pour money into my pockets.

I would love to go on Coast to Coast and express my views on playing Comet Ping-Pong with nuclear weapons to save the planet from another dinosaur killer. It is more likely, however, our great threat is an engineered pathogen, rather than a comet or asteroid impact. Only those with a Q clearance understand how incredibly effective nukes are for propulsion in deep space and deflecting impact threats. The language of evangelical Christianity may come to define the Green New Space Deal movement. I hope to marry an appetite for the conspiratorial with positive beliefs about a radically different and better future, one that is preordained (thank you for those words, Adrienne LaFrance).

More to come…





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