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Virus Outbreak Trump, Washington, United States - 24 Mar 2020

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Trump Suggests States Need to Bribe Him With Praise to Get Federal Assistance for COVID-19
“But, you know, it’s a two-way street,” the president said of states desperate for equipment. “They have to treat us well, also.” By RYAN BORT

Shocked me…it really did send a chill up my spine. The President says emergency federal aid (needed to save lives) might depend on a state being “nicer to the White House.” And nobody takes it as anything but business as usual. Sociopaths don’t care about human life and at some point a nation has to collectively say NO to those who allow people to die.

Very Scary. The Neoliberal ruling class that believes they have all power and authority over us is about to get something they will never forget. I have to believe they are going to find out that it really is a two-way street. Just watch. I usually go back and revise and edit my blog entries whenever I get a chance to review them but I am going to leave this one alone and not touch it. It is Wednesday afternoon March 25, 2020 and we will see if enough other people now believe this has gone far enough.

We will see.

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