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It has been said we are all “children of Rome” in the modern world as much of our society functions like that empire did. The Romans were Neo-Liberals in that latifundialization eventually destroyed the fabric of their society- much like it is in the process of destroying the social fabric of the entire modern world. Major accumulation of land, power, wealth, is presently being effected by way of “the market” which relies on speculation (what stock will rise and fall in value). Thus, it is much like a magical prophecy game where if you predict correctly you become a king. It is in one sense simply gambling.

Once a certain level of wealth is attained the marketplace becomes a game between major casino owners. Today we use modern technologies of many kinds in “wealth creation” schemes while the ancient world essentially and simply ran on slaves and the soldiers opposite those slaves. Chattel slavery realizes the Neo-Liberal dream of turning human beings into commodities. The best those in pursuit of absolute power can do in the modern world is a lesser form of wage slavery. The Spartacus of wage slavery for the last couple centuries in the west has been the labor union. Like Spartacus and other rebels, unions have repeatedly risen and then been “busted” by the monied elites over these last two centuries.

If humankind is to avoid a descent into a new dark age, and possible extinction, then a realization of modernity, a sea change in the way individuals think, must occur. And soon. The obstacle to this progressive goal is psychological in nature and directly involves a minority of the population. It is not so much the wealthy I am focusing on but the sociopathic subculture underlying the monied class. Sociopathy and the deceit exercised by this small percentage of the population is the driving force behind Neo-Liberalism. The closest humankind has recently come to a system that could survive the rise and fall of empire was the Imbedded Liberalism of the United States in the 20th century. Unfortunately that system, like ancient Spartacus, did not prevail.



Space is the place where the human race is going to survive. If we stay on Earth we will eventually self-destruct. In my view the first step is that old liberal saw- education. I urge anyone reading this to research exactly what these two terms mean: Neoliberalism and Imbedded Liberalism.

The second step, after the masses have some truth revealed to them, is tax the rich at the old 91 percent rate and start rebuilding infrastructure and converting the Military Industrial Complex into a Space Industrial Complex. The third step is, after the basic technologies of space solar power and beam propulsion have been proven, is to decide, as a species, our path is to build artificial worlds and expand into the solar system and beyond.


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