100 seconds, Coronavirus, and Criswell


The Doomsday Clock has been advanced and a possible global pandemic is spreading. And…there is the subject of Space Based Solar Power as the cure for climate change, which is just as important as Mutually Assured Destruction and another black death. Existential threats are a recurring theme on this blog as the reason space exploration and colonization should be the penultimate collective concern of the human race. The very first priority, which I have repeatedly stated, is a way to freeze human beings without damage. I am sure this puzzles some of my readers (I actually had ten visitors the other day!). Let me explain.

I am a not very impressive example of the human race and I understand that. Compared to someone like Laurel Blair Salton Clark, who was born about 6 months after I was, I am…not impressive.


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I remember happening upon a bio of her and how her amazing life story affected me. I have called myself a “simple machine” and likely this is the only facet of my existence that makes me remarkable in any way. My basic design might allow me to see our situation in a way you do not, and come to a conclusion that others simply cannot see through the clutter and structure of the human condition. It is with perfect clarity I see our problem as “simple” to troubleshoot. The Flow Chart only has a few branches. The Solution Box reads, “Freeze All Humans At Risk without damage to be Revived At No Risk years later.” 


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I can expound on why this is the ultimate and immediate priority ahead of avoiding nuclear war, stopping a global pandemic, and curing climate change, but there seems to be some psychological mechanism that disallows human understanding. How do I remove that block? Nobody seems to get it.


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We are all on death row in this open air prison called Earth and in denial.  Our sentence will be carried out in the near future. The philosopher Nietzsche spoke of fear and laziness as basic to human existence and adding on the interchangeable terms of denial and stupidity to the beginning makes for a convincing chain of cause and effect. We deny what we cannot accept and this failure is in reality a failure of intelligence. We are not as smart as we believe ourselves to be and all are lost in the forest but for the trees.

As I often write, an alien intelligence observing our extinction would not be surprised and conclude we were too stupid to survive.

As long as we are being marched to the gas chamber as individuals we are doomed as a species. Stopping death, at least delaying it indefinitely, is the turning point in human history where we go from being an ephemeron species to survivors. There are few technical challenges to inhibiting disruption of microstructures undergoing temperature change. And fewer dollars being spent on effecting that process.

What stupid creatures we are. But then again, no. Consider those who are intelligent enough to see another path…like David R. Criswell. He rightly points out that for the mind-boggling amount of money we have spent since 2001 on fighting in the Middle East we could be well on the way to turning the Moon into a giant solar energy plant to power Earth. But instead of leaders who support such a bright future we have the… disappointment of the stable genius. Such mind-numbingly idiotic politicians could very well spell the end of the human race.

And the worst part of it all is that most of the people I work with in my conservative shop think our biggest problem is the unemployed getting free stuff from the government.

Our only hope is going back to a Keynesian model that works.


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