Absolute Greed


Along with the small-satellite-constellation-space-junk-horror-movie this is proof we are doomed as a species. We seem to be contaminating our environment while we destroy it with climate change. It is perhaps a dead pool among aliens which will do us in first, a dinosaur killer, a volcanic epic, a pandemic, or a nuclear-winter-pandemic-cannibal-apocalypse brought on by a combination of events.

I happened to tune into the fat drug addict on AM radio today and did not immediately recognize his voice. It has changed in a quarter century of Orwellian ranting but the message is the same lies-are-truth garbage that has been brainwashing the weak-minded all these years. He babbled about death and how the liberals were causing the suicide rate to go up by telling the youth the planet is going to be uninhabitable and that was why escaping to Mars with Elon is so popular. His point being it is normal for our brains to fool us into believing we will not die and socialists are an abomination destroying that clever deception. Incredible.

Boeing is now being revealed as responsible for the deaths of 346 people in two crashes, one in 2018 and one in 2019, associated with 737 Max design flaws. This after no passenger jets crashed in 2017- the safest year in commercial aviation history. Ironically, the niece of Ralph Nader died in one crash, the person famous for revolutionizing consumer safety with his book, “Unsafe at Any Speed.” The connection with being a doomed species is clear; the greedy malicious children in the group are leading us to our deaths. Where are the adults? All busy attending the church of neoliberalism.

Nearly 30 years ago I learned an important lesson about the law of unintended consequences due to my experience maintaining the HH-60J rescue helicopter. In the airframe school we were taught some history about the aircraft and it has some similarities with the 737 Max tragedies. The Army selected the H-60 to replace the Huey back in the day and one of the design requirements had been that with a minimum of disassembly it must fit in the back of a C-130 transport plane. The reason being helicopters are maintenance intensive and only fly so many hours until they need serious inspections- and it takes them many of those hours to get anywhere far away on the planet because they are so slow. The problem was due to other performance requirements some complicated design tricks were needed to make the H-60 small enough to fit. One trick was the “stabilator” wing on the tail which was driven by a computer to compensate for a shorter fuselage length. Unfortunately the cable run to the actuator in the tail was not adequately shielded which made the run a kind of antennae and flying through certain kinds of radar beams would generate a signal in the cable that drove the stabilator actuator down. The helicopter, if going above a certain speed, would violently dive and there was nothing the pilot could do about it quickly. Since helicopters would encounter these beams when making approaches at low altitude to an LZ several dove into the ground killing everyone on board. They finally figured it out and fixed it.

The sad fact is the helicopter only barely and with difficulty fit into the C-130 and this turned out to be a seldom used feature. The point being that when we seek to gain extraordinary advantage or profit there is a reason it is extraordinary. If greed overrides caution then failure is most often the result. This lesson applies to the existence of humankind and not just airplanes and economic markets.

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