Greenland is Melting

And all that methane in the permafrost is also being released. If we were to start building Super Heavy Lift Vehicles next year and launching them every other month to start, and ultimately once a week, that would be how to address climate change. Actually, the only way to address climate change with any chance of success before it kills a certain percentage of the human race. Those launchers would be sending “fat workshops” and robot landers to the Moon for starters. Sensors on lunar probes to find those likely immense lava tubes are also the first order of business. Immediately identifying these tubes as factory sites is extremely important.

As these factories are slowly brought on line on the Moon, on Earth the best strategy is molten salt solar thermal powerplants. Along with a elevated electric train infrastructure that transports people during the workday and cargo at night, this would ideally be the benchmark for new energy production and infrastructure. By cutting back and going to ever more austere standards (“decarbonization”) the damage will be minimized while the factories are built on the Moon. Until the day finally comes and commercial power is beamed down from orbit and the fossil fuel powerplants are shut down one by one. It is at this point beam propulsion will enable true airliners to space and mass migration will become the next step. Eventually, within perhaps two centuries, the Earth will have a rapidly shrinking population and become a place to visit. The majority of the human race will live in space.


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