Closed Minds

“No,” he said. “The possibility of being able to send people, particularly a large number of people, to settle another planet orbiting another star seems extremely small.”

I never cease to be amazed me at the lack of imagination among scientists and engineers. Of course this is matched by the bizarro flights of fancy of the artistic types at the other pole. In the middle are those few who have a knack for matching the elements that work.

If we can freeze people we effectively slow time down in much the same manner as time dilation does close to the speed of light. The most powerful device ever created by humankind, the H-bomb, gives us the ability to push a spaceship to a small percentage of the speed of light. Actually, it is more likely the bombs would slow down a spaceship arriving at another star after a centuries long voyage. A space solar power infrastructure powering a beam propulsion system would accelerate the starship on it’s way.

As I have stated for several years, freezing people has ramifications far beyond simply being able to travel to other stars. It would be the most disruptive and fantastic event in the history of the human race. Nobody would allow their loved ones to die when they could be saved and later cured- freezing would be a basic human right. Everything would change.

Yet we do nothing. We may be too stupid to survive. That is why it is so quiet out there.

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