Seven Steps to Space Travel

Gary Michael Church The methodology for civilization expanding into space is to be found in a triad of indispensable human endeavors: defense, communications, and energy. After food and transporting food, the defense/ communications/energy triad is the penultimate draw on technological resources. Nuclear deterrence has precluded a third world war for over half a century. TelecommunicationsContinue reading “Seven Steps to Space Travel”

The Only Cure for Climate Change

Gary Michael Church It may seem bizarre to prescribe H-bombs for a sick ecosystem but as someone once said, the universe is not only stranger than we imagine…. The cure for climate change is to completely end the use of all fossil fuels by the end of this century. The promise of commercial nuclear powerContinue reading “The Only Cure for Climate Change”

When We Lost the Stars

By Gary Michael Church The recent launch of the Orion EFT-1 mission has generated a large amount of criticism from the New Space mob. The counter to such propaganda is to simply explain the facts. The best date to cite as a beginning of this explanation is the start of the Space Shuttle program. OnContinue reading “When We Lost the Stars”